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April 9, 2011 / virginiatrailschristine

In Bloom: Dutchmen’s Breeches

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum - Dutchmen's Breeches

Dutchmen’s Breeches are flowering now!

Genus: Dicentra cucullaria

Dutchmen’s Breeches are a perennial plant, native to forests in eastern North America.  They are low-lying with delicate stems and flowerstalks.  The plant has lacy leaves. Flowers are typically white and yellow and resemble a pair of pantaloons hanging upside down.

Fun Fact: Dutchmen’s Breeches are toxic to many animals.  In cows, the most common symptom of poisoning is a staggering gait, giving this plant the common nickname ‘staggerweed’.

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